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washable laundry bag

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Keep your nursing pads safe and secure during wash with this practical mesh bag. Designed with a sturdy zipper, it provides excellent protection for washing your nursing pads, ensuring they stay in place and in good condition after each wash.

washable laundry bag
Front of washable laundry bag
back of washable lingerie bag


• Provides extra protection for washing nursing pads as well as baby’s socks and hats
• Helps to prevent tangling and snagging in washer or dryer
• Can also be used to organize while traveling
• Mesh with sturdy zipper
• Fits up to 4 pairs of pads
• Please note: laundry bag does not come with nursing pads


Use in the laundry to protect your nursing pads, baby socks & more. We recommend no more than four pairs of pads per wash.

Size: Size 7" X 8.5"


Machine wash & dry