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nasal aspirator/ear syringe

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Useful tools for homes with small children. The Nasal Aspirator helps clear mucus from your child's nose making breathing easier. The Ear Syringe gently removes wax and debris from your child's ear.

Nasal aspirator for baby and ear syringe
front packaging Nasal aspirator for baby and ear syringe
back packaging Nasal aspirator for baby and ear syringe


• Two tools that help ease congestion
• Ear syringe removes unwanted earwax and debris
• Nasal aspirator will help clear mucus from the child’s nose


Ear Syringe Directions:
1. Use only distilled water at body temperature
2. The child should be seated and should hold a small basin under ear to catch returning water. The head should be tilted slightly toward the ear to be irrigated.
3. If the child is younger than three years old, gently pull the ear backward and downward to expose the ear canal. The tip of syringe should be directed slightly upward toward side of ear canal rather than straight back toward the eardrum. Do not let tip of syringe touch or enter ear canal.
4. Squeeze contents gently toward the side of ear canal. Never inject forcefully. Note: When the ear canal is irrigated, the tip of the ear syringe should not obstruct the flow of water leaving the ear canal.

Nasal Aspirator Directions:
Gently squeeze nasal aspirator bulb before using to expel the air inside. Gently place the tip of the aspirator into the child's nose while the bulb is still squeezed. Release pressure on the bulb slowly to remove the mucus. Rinse with water and repeat as necessary.


Disassemble nasal aspirator by squeezing bulb and removing the plastic aspirator tip. Wash bulb and aspirator tip in warm, soapy water before use and after each use. Let air dry and reassemble for use.