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      Dear Bamboobies Gods,
      I have already written an Amazon review on the bamboobies disposable nursing pads, but I felt this deserved something more personal. I suffered from EXCRUCIATING milk blebs and blood blisters that resurfaced weekly. I thought these problems were caused by a poor latch, but there was nothing I or my (now) 5 month old son could do or change to stop them. This made nursing almost unbearable. Since I've started using your nursing pads, I have not had another bleb or blister. I don't know who reads these, but if you are or were ever a nursing mom you know how invaluable a pain free nursing experience is. I could cry with gratitude as I type this. I will never be able to let you know how thankful I am for your product.

      Forever a loyal customer,
      Jolyn Decanini

      I just wanted to write and thank you for making such a wonderful product.  I started with disposable nursing pads and flew through them like crazy. It's so nice to have pads that work so well and I don't have to buy again and again.Thanks so much! -Caroline L

      These are great for night time!! I generally sleep in a nursing tank and normal reusable breast pads shift around and are too small to keep me covered and prevent leaks. The Bamboobies are about an inch bigger all the way around than the Avent washable pads. These also do not leave lint like other pads do. I have yet to leak into my clothes since wearing these and I actually prefer these in one of my “looser” nursing bras during the day. Highly recommend! Worth the cost!   -Allison C 
      I ordered a pair of these after seeing rave reviews for them. It’s been 9 years since I have nursed a baby, and things have definitely changed! I absolutely love these! Bamboobies definitely gets my vote for best reusable nursing pads! I would recommend them to all nursing mommas!   -Stacey G  

      I love my Bamboobies because I’m never worried about leaking through and they are not big and bulky under your bra. I’ve tried so many different kinds of nursing pads and have finally found one I like!   -Nikki C  

      I absolutely love them!!! So soft and you can’t see them through your clothes!!! They are so awesome! Highly recommended!   -Chelsea F  

      I used disposable pads with my first son and realized how much I could save using washable nursing pads after my second son was born, but was skeptical to how absorbent they really would be. These are so soft and really surprised me with how they didn’t leak. I even used a regular one overnight and it still held up. I also love how the shape contours to the inside of the bra. Would highly recommend!   -Amanda A  

      I am so pleased with this product and will definitely be ordering more. Bamboobies nursing pads were recommended to me by a lactation consultant during a breastfeeding course at my hospital. I like that the product is natural and organic, so I know only clean materials will be against my skin and near my baby. The heart-shaped design is very clever and makes concealing these pads so easy.   -Jessica B 

      I’ve been breastfeeding for almost two months and have tried a few different types of disposable and reusable breast pads. I found these and bought them because of great reviews. I’m glad I trusted the reviews! They are super soft, thin, and very absorbent. I leak a decent amount, but haven’t leaked through in these. (Also, they are super cute!)   -Megan W  

      I tried the brand name disposable nursing pads and found that leaving them on all day (not over-night)  irritated my skin. Bamboobies get 5-stars — They are so soft and get softer in the wash. The regular Bamboobies do a great job preventing wet shirts. They are reusable. And they’re made in Colorado USA. What’s not to like?   -Zoe R 

      I am a very heavy leaker and these are exactly what I needed. They’re soft and absorb enough that I usually don’t wake up drenched in milk. I leak through everything including disposable pads, so the fact that these do just as well without the waste is perfect.   -Jennifer R   

      These are so soft on sore tired nipples. Especially in the beginning stages of breastfeeding. I received them as a baby shower gift and I will kiss and hug the one that sent them!   -Kat W 

      Bamboobies are amazing! I can’t believe the difference in comfort. There are so soft against the skin that I feel like I have nothing on. I have a large supply and they have never leaked! The best part is you can’t notice them under clothing! Seriously the best purchase!   -Rhae S 

      Really like these. I’ve had no leak-through after full days at work. No lines show, either, which is awesome. I can vouch for the fact that they don’t get cold, which is amazing and makes a big difference!   -Roxanne 

      I love my Bamboobies! They are so soft and comfortable…This was especially important when we were first nursing and one of my nipples was sore from a bad latch. Everything hurt…even just my thin cotton t-shirt. The Bamboobies were the only thing that didn’t irritate it. I think this will be my new go-to shower gift for first time moms.   -Allison M  

      I received two pairs of overnight Bamboobies as a gift, and I absolutely love them! They are super soft and very absorbent. I’ve been using them while at home on maternity leave and they have definitely prevented leaking accidents. I was using disposables for the first few weeks, and couldn’t imagine going back to them–the rough texture and reduced absorbency were not comfortable at all. Bamboobies were the perfect solution!   -Kylie E 

      I have finally found the perfect nursing pads! These are so soft and thin. I also love that the things closest to my baby’s food source isn’t full of chemicals.   -Sarah H 

      The idea of using reusable nursing pads felt really unappealing to me! So I started off with disposables… but kept finding they weren’t quite doing the job. I finally decided to try the Bamboobies after another morning of “not again” leaking…just to see if they could work. And they really have! They are absorbent and thin enough so you don’t see them under clothing if you wear them out. They definitely converted me over!   -Jessica E 

      I was using disposable pads for a few weeks and I was staying sore. Bamboobies are so soft and started to help immediately.   -Meg W 

      I must say these are one of the few items that REALLY live up to the hype! I love my Bamboobies. I have really strong let down, and they keep my shirt dry. I LOVE the over night pair because they are the only ones that keep me from waking up soaked in milk. I stay dry all night w/o the nasty chemicals found in the disposable pads. Thank you!   -Catherine  

      I have tried so many different brands and my Bamboobies are my absolute favorite. They are super thin but still very absorbent and they don’t show through my shirts. I love how soft they feel.   -Rosanne L 

      These are amazing! They are so soft and absorbent! I have never had any issues regarding leaking through or them being visible through my shirts. I absolutely love them and plan on getting some additional pairs as gifts for my fellow pregnant friends:) you can’t go wrong with the all natural fibers either!   -Bethany V 

      I had a persistent crack on one of my nipples and was told it might not heal unless I found a more breathable nursing pad option. Very skeptically I ordered these because other organic breathable cotton pads did nothing for me and I would leak right through. These bamboobies did the trick! Highly recommend you invest in these first before wasting money on a bunch of disposable orders.   -Julie H 

      These nursing pads are great! They are so super soft and comfortable that it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing pads! They are absorbent and not noticeable through my bras and I love that they will save me lots of money!!! Definitely worth it!!   -Sarah B 

      Great pads! I believe they are the best reusable pads out there. They soak up everything and I never have to worry about a leak. I use the night-time ones during the day too. Not noticeable through clothing. I have bought more since! I would definitely recommend!   -Kathryn W  

      After trying disposable pads and a few different reusable ones, Bamboobies are hands down the best! They are the softest and lay the flattest under your shirt. I only had one pair at first and I would throw them in the wash ASAP after wearing so I could wear them again…the other brands I have make me cringe after using these. So, I bought more and can’t wait to get them washed up and in use. Great product.   -Rebecca A  

      I love Bamboobies! I received one set as a shower gift as well as a box of disposable nursing pads so I was able to try out both products and compare the results. The Bamboobies are more comfortable and more discrete under clothing than the disposables and I love that they are washable. In addition to buying more for myself, I am definitely buying these in the future as baby shower gifts for my friends.   -Melissa W 

      I was expressing my frustration over itchy nipples, and going through three expensive disposable pads a day trying to eliminate the issue, when my cousin told me about her Bamboobies. We use cloth diapers on our kids so they aren’t irritated by the chemicals, why am I putting those same chemicals on my own breasts?! I ordered a set that included overnights the very next day. I heart them!!! I only use my Bamboobies and suggest them to all my breastfeeding mommy friends or give them as shower gifts! No more itchy nipples & no more wasted money.   -Mom2Girls 

      I have finally found the perfect nursing pads! These are so soft and thin. I also love that the things closest to my babies food source isn’t full of chemicals. They really are wonderful!   -Sarah H  

      I absolutely swear by this product and cannot imagine what I would do without my Bamboobies. I wear them constantly and they have not only helped with leakage but also with comfort. This comes highly recommended!!!   -Brenda G 

      It was love at first leak!  They are so soft and thin and contain all my embarrassing leaks!   -Jessica G 

      I’ve tried them all – but the heart shaped Bamboobies are by far my favorite!! Super cute, soft, absorbent! The heart shape contours around you so they do not show through your shirt like other round ones do!   -Jill W 

      I tried disposable pads initially and was unhappy with how many i had to use in a week ($$$) and how awkward they looked under my shirts. Bamboobies are more comfortable and do not look like I stuffed my bra! They don’t show through or leak through like other washable pads do!   -Kathryn L