Get Support - Resources for the Breastfeeding Mom

Get Support - Resources for the Breastfeeding Mom

Being a new breastfeeding mom can be intimidating and hard at times (hello, running out of nipple balm  or forgetting to wash enough nursing pads!) Fortunately, you can find comfort beyond our therapy pillows in knowing you are not alone on the journey and that there are plenty of resources for support and help! Choose your favorite way to learn from the options below.

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  1. Pick up a book:

    1. Check out all the latest breastfeeding resource books at your local book store or library. Find one that aligns with your goals as a new breastfeeding mom to get the most out of it. Not sure where to start? Check out top sellers that we love, like The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding, or The Nursing Mother's Companion.
    2. Are you a working mom? Work, Pump, Repeat is a favorite here at the bamboobies office!
    3. More of a magazine lover? While there are lots of great parenting magazines that cater to every type of writing style you’re seeking, we recommend you get some mindless reading in there as well. You’ll be using several weeks of downtime (which includes lots of sitting!) while you nurse your new baby, and sometimes it’s nice to see what a celebrity is up to or what new song is taking over the charts instead of being consistently focused on the breast.

  2. Search online for helpful sites and bloggers:

    1. You’ll find lots of sites that are interested in helping you, and unfortunately some sites that may not be. If you’re struggling in the process, don’t let those websites get you down! Instead, check out some sites focused on the positives (and sometimes funny realities) of breastfeeding, like KellyMom and The Leaky Boob...or maybe even our own Breastfeeding 101! Our tip? Seek out both scientific, study-based sites that offer up friendly advice and support from other parents around the world!

  3. Find a new parent support group:

    1. While the idea of going to a new parent support group may be intimidating, know that you are surrounded by people who may have the same questions as you! Or you might have someone in the group struggling with something that you feel like you’ve got under control and can share some tips and tricks. Either way, they’re a fantastic reason to get out of the house and surround yourself with folks who know what you’re going through.
    2. Not sure where to start? Check local baby boutiques, call a nearby birth center, or check a play gym. Most of the time, these places will actually provide those classes for new parents and some may even be FREE!

  4. Seek breastfeeding-specific help

    1. The La Leche League is a breastfeeding support group that helps women with common breastfeeding issues and can also provide specific support for you as a new parent.
    2. The ILCA site has links to Lactation Consultants in your area for when you may need more than support. Their lactation consultants can help with diagnosing and remedying any medical issues that may affect breastfeeding.
    3. Your baby’s pediatrician will also be able to refer you to a great lactation consultant, or they may have a qualified lactation professional on staff. Don’t be afraid to reach out - it’s what they’re there for!
    4. Of course, beyond these resources, you may have some closer than you think! Reach out to friends or family who have breastfed in the past or may be breastfeeding now. They may be waiting to hear from you and excited to share in the journey, and it’s a fantastic time to reconnect with those you may not be in regular touch with.

Remember, breastfeeding can be a challenging and frustrating journey, especially in the first few days. You shouldn’t feel afraid or embarrassed to ask for help! You’ll likely find that once you do, there are friends, relatives, or a passerby who have had struggles similar to yours. Sharing in the journey is just one part of parenting that will ease your anxieties and create bonds with your baby and others that can last a lifetime!

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