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      FAQs | bamboobies Ultra-Soft Nursing Pads, Bras & Apparel

      How do I USE my Washable bamboobies® nursing pads?

      There are 3 layers in bamboobies washable nursing pads, both Regular & Overnights. The top layer is ultra-soft bamboo rayon velour with cotton and polyester. This soft side is worn against the skin. The middle layer is a blend of hemp and cotton. The backside with the colored fabric is a polyester with TPU waterproofing to provide leak protection – this side lays inside the nursing bra away from the skin. Wear the heart-shaped pad up or down inside the bra. Every woman's breast is shaped differently, so position the pad in a way that works best for you - don't be afraid to be creative! CHANGE PADS FREQUENTLY, and especially when wet to avoid saturation and side leakage, and also to keep your skin dry and healthy.

      How do I CARE for my Washable bamboobies nursing pads?

      We recommend machine washing both the Regular and Overnight bamboobies on the warm water setting. bamboobies are made of natural fibers and we can't emphasize enough that you DRY YOUR PADS COMPLETELY on low heat in the dryer. The more you wash and dry bamboobies, the softer they will get! Do not use fabric softeners as it can inhibit the absorption quality. If you notice any discoloration or staining after using them, wash them in a mild bleach solution. Remember, breast milk is a natural liquid and can vary in color from mom to mom, (also depending on what you're eating!)  We realize that new moms are very busy with their babies, but try to wash your used pads as soon as possible to keep them in optimal condition. If machine washing & drying is not an option, hand wash in hot soapy water, rinse well and be sure to AIR DRY THEM COMPLETELY in a dry, non-humid area before using them! Place them in direct sunlight with the bamboo side exposed until they are completely dry. If you use the hand wash/dry method, the pads may not appear the same or feel as soft as they would from a dryer. We would love it if you recycled our box!

      Can you tell me more about the EcoPure® Disposable bamboobies nursing pads?

      Open the individually wrapped disposable pads and save the wrapper to place your used pad in. Remove the tabs from the adhesive strips to secure the pad in your bra placing the soft bamboo side next to the breast. Be sure to CHANGE YOUR PADS WHEN WET to keep your skin healthy. Wrap your used pads in the saved wrapper and place in trash. EcoPure® disposable nursing pads are made from sustainable Oeko-tex® certified bamboo pulp fiber that is spun in to a super-soft top sheet. This material is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. The inner wood pulp is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  SOFT Style, Inc. is committed to continually reduce our ecological footprint and plans are underway to improve our disposables. Please remember to recycle the box!

      What is the difference between bamboobies and other nursing pads? How do they compare with disposable breast pads? 

      • When cotton pads leak through, regular bamboobies milk-proof backing prevents leaks!
      • When cotton pads feel cold and clammy when wet, bamboo doesn’t - it holds body heat better.
      • Where cotton pads are more bulky and visible through clothing, bamboobies Regulars aren’t.

      Do bamboobies show through shirts as much as other nursing pads?

      The bamboobies nursing pads are made with super-absorbent fabrics and with fine stitching on the edges to prevent visibility through shirts. They’re not invisible but they’re much less obvious than other washable nursing pads. See the link above for a picture of bamboobies and Medela breast pads in a bra and thin white t-shirt. 

      Do bamboobies cost more than other nursing pads?

      Nursing pads from bamboobies actually cost less than disposable pads over the typical length of time that a nursing mother needs to use breast pads – actually only about 1/10th of the cost of disposables!

      What is the difference between Regular and Overnight bamboobies?

      Regular bamboobies are heart-shaped and ultra-thin with a milk-proof backing. They are less visible under clothing and are ideal for when your milk supply is regulated.
      Overnight bamboobies are super-soft and ultra-thick with a milk-proof backing. They are ideal for the early days of newborn nursing and for heavy leakers. And they are also bigger than other washable pads so they keep you covered while you sleep.

      How do I know what type and how many I will need?

      Every breastfeeding experience is unique and therefore everyone’s nursing pad needs will be different. A good place to start is figuring you will need approximately 2 pairs during the day and 1-2 pairs during the night. So… how many bamboobies you order depends on how frequently you plan to do laundry!

      How do I USE & CARE for my Boob-ease® Flaxseed Therapy Pillows?

      Boob-ease Therapy Pillows can be used as warm or cool therapy for a variety of uses. The pillows have a thicker bamboo rayon velour on one side and a thinner bamboo rayon jersey on the other side. This allows you to better regulate the temperature for the need. The pillows are filled with a natural oil-rich flaxseed which retains heat and cold.

      Therapy pillows are easy to use. To heat, remove from plastic bag and place in the microwave for 20-40 seconds. Be very careful to test the temperature before applying because microwaves setting vary. To cool, keep in plastic bag and place them in the freezer. We recommend that you store them in the freezer in the plastic bag (or refrigerator if you don’t have a freezer) to keep them on hand because it takes longer for them to cool down.

      Pillows can be used to stimulate let-down, reduce swelling and tenderness associated with engorgement, soothe sore nipples, relieve plugged ducts and ease the discomfort of mastitis. Pillows can be used to reduce pumping time and can even be used beyond the breastfeeding years…for sore muscles, headache and toddler bumps and bruises.

      DO NOT GET FLAX SEED PILLOWS WET – DO NOT WASH THEM! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  If they get dirty, gently spot clean with a slightly damp cloth, but DO NOT immerse or saturate unless you want to generate a field of flaxseed plants, because they will sprout!  All Therapy Pillows come with a set of bamboobies washable nursing pads. Every time you use the pillows, be sure to use the washable nursing pads as leak protection for the pillows.

      I like the Chic Nursing Shawl but don't know what size to order... How do I figure that out?

      The Chic Nursing Shawl from bamboobies is very flexible and stretchy and isn’t form-fitting, but is very flattering on. To keep it simple, the shawl comes in “one size fits most”. If you’re only using the wrap as a nursing cover and not when you’re pregnant, remember that breastfeeding will help you get back to your standard size in no time and you’re going to look great in the shawl because it’s not form-fitting and drapes so nicely on all figures.

      What is boob-ease™ Organic Pumping Lubricant

      It is a pumping mom must-have! "Boob lube" helps reduce friction to make pumping easier and more comfortable. Lactation consultants recommend a lubricant for easier pumping and ours is 100% certified organic with a coconut oil base and lanolin free. Please note, due to the ingredients of this product, separation may occur and is natural. However, it will melt with use!

      What is bamboobies Shipping Policy?

      Shipping (US)

      • FREE USPS Ground shipping inside the continental United States on orders of $30 (before taxes) or more
      • Orders under $30 are charged a flat rate of $4.95

      Shipping (Canada)

      • International shipping to Canada rates and rules vary. Please contact us with any questions before placing your order. 
      • Outside of the United States, customs or duty charges may apply in. bamboobies cannot predict and is not responsible for any customs or duty charges that the recipient may incur.

      Note: We can not be responsible for packages that are lost/stolen by any mail carrier service unless we make a mistake on the shipping address. Also, shipping prices may vary during promotional periods.

      Timing of your Order and Delivery: 

      • Orders are normally processed and shipped within 2-3 business days following receipt. You will receive an order confirmation by email the same day of your order. Processing and shipping are subject to change when you place an order during a promotion. Please contact us directly if you have questions regarding shipping-time estimates. 
      • All orders are subject to reconfirmation of inventory on hand. 
      • Orders are shipped via USPS. Please allow between 5-7 business days to receive your order. 
      • Business days for purposes of shipping and shipping-time estimates are Monday through Friday, excluding US National and Federal Holidays.

      What is bamboobies Return Policy?

      • Returns can be made within 60 days of purchase by clicking on the "return" link at the bottom of our website page or by visiting
      • All items must have tag(s) attached, be in the original packaging and not be washed to qualify for return
      • Refunds are for returned product only. Any paid shipping will not be refunded. 
      • For exchanges, please return the original item and place a new order. If you have any questions or need assistance placing your order, please contact
      • If you are returning an order that was shipped to Canada, please contact us at For Canadian returns the customer will be responsible for shipping costs to return the item.

       What is bamboobies Pricing Policy?

      • We reserve the right to change our products’ prices on at any time without notice. Permanent price reductions, discounts from sales or other promotions cannot be applied to past purchases.
      • Bamboobies products are sold through a number retailers and we cannot control when prices are changed. If you purchased a bamboobies product from one of these retailers, please reach out to your respective retailer for their price adjustment policy.