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      mom and baby bamboobies overstimulation blog

      Tips for avoiding overstimulation during the holidays (Mom and Baby)

      The holidays are an exciting time. There are lights of every size and color, music at every turn, parties and events just about every day, presents to buy, wrap, and then unwrap, and a full range of aromas from cookies to pine branches to turkey, and just about everything in-between. In short, there’s a LOT going on. As fun as all the commotion can be, it can also be a bit much – for both your baby and you. We’ve got your tips for avoiding overstimulation.

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      woman in bamboobies bra walking with yoga mat

      Tips for Weaning and Life Beyond Breastfeeding

      For mothers who choose to breastfeed, there is an abundance of information and resources that cover everything from latching to leaking to increasing supply. But what about your transition out of breastfeeding? We’ve got your weaning tips covered, Mama!

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      woman pumping and holding baby

      Pumping Hacks from Bamboobies

      Every breastfeeding mama knows that more likely than not, she’ll need to pump at some point. Whether you’re gearing up to go back to the office, going out for a much-needed night out, traveling without your baby, or trying to boost your breastmilk supply, we’ve got some breast pumping tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

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      woman holding newborn baby | Bamboobies

      Must-haves for your Postpartum Recovery Kit

      You may feel ready for baby – or at least as ready as you can be – but are you ready for your own postpartum recovery? The first six weeks (at least) after giving birth can be a taxing time as your body goes through incredible change. There’s physical healing, hormonal swings, sleep deprivation, possibly learning how to breastfeed – which isn’t always easy – and adjusting to motherhood. Knowing what to expect during postpartum recovery and preparing key items that will help you get through it are an important part of getting ready for this next big step.

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