Dressing the Bump (Summer Looks We Love)

Dressing the Bump (Summer Looks We Love)

Dressing up your bump is one of the small joys of pregnancy. That little mound on your belly is your primary signal to the world that you are a mom-to-be, and it can be a lot of fun to show it off!

In the summer, when you don’t need to pile on the layers to keep warm, you have extra opportunity to accentuate your mama silhouette. The summer is also a time to emphasize comfort and versatility to keep you cool in the heat as you keep that little bun cooking in your oven.

Here are some of our favorite looks for cute, comfortable maternity fashion for summer.

Wardrobe Staples

The key to keeping your cool while feeling your best is to invest in high-quality staple summer maternity clothes. A few trusted go-to pieces can go a long way in keeping you assured you’ll feel your best every day, and then you can accessorize for your mood, the weather, or the occasion.


A sturdy and soft bra is essential during pregnancy. Where you might be used to spending your summer in swimsuit tops or stretchy sports bras, you may find these options don’t quite “hold up” while you’re pregnant. Pregnancy and any postpartum breastfeeding might only account for a short time in your life, but it’s worth finding bras that can support you at your fullest, stretch with your changing body, and hold their shape for as long as you need them.

Bamboobies offers two nursing bra options that are versatile enough to grow with you through pregnancy and into your breastfeeding journey and stylish enough to keeping you feeling fashionable. Created with ultra-soft rayon made from renewable bamboo fabric, these bras are the comfortable and sustainable base to any maternity and new mom wardrobe.

The yoga nursing bra features an adjustable and stylish keyhole back with a racerback design (so no need to constantly readjust your shoulder straps), and the included bra extender for the hook-and-eye closure ensures a great fit throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Both the design and the super-soft fabric made from bamboo make this the ultimate option for comfort – at a time when comfort is of utmost importance.  

Like the yoga nursing bra, the super strappy nursing bra is designed with nursing clips for easy access to breastfeeding and with fabric that stretches to fit your changing body without stretching out. The strappy back design offers extra support and a little fashionable flair.

Tank Tops

When it comes to showing off your bump, nothing beats a soft, seamless tank top. Whether on its own or layered with a light jacket, sweater, or kimono-style shawl, a cozy tank top that hugs your bump can protect your skin and highlight your motherhood status.

You can get the most use out of your maternity tank tops if you find ones that double as nursing tops. Bamboobies tank tops fit the bill and are created with the same super-soft, renewable bamboo material as our bras. They’re long and stretchy to keep you comfortable and provide full coverage as your body changes through pregnancy and beyond.

The classic seamless nursing tank has nursing clasps and drop-down cups for easy breastfeeding access. It’s wire-free, offers light support with a shelf bra, and is great for layering. If you’re looking for a looser fit, try the easy access nursing tank. Thicker straps also discreetly hide nursing clips from your bra.


A solid pair (or more!) of leggings are a staple in many of our closets these days, and there’s no better time to whip them out than during pregnancy. Their stretchy, forgiving fabric naturally adjusts to your growing body and provides adequate coverage and protection from inner-thigh chafing. Even non-maternity leggings are starting to come in high-waist styles that can offer additional bump support and later postpartum compression. Look for softer, lightweight fabric to keep you cooler in the summer months.


Dresses are one of the easiest options for a quick, comfortable, and cute summer outfit. There’s no need to coordinate top and bottoms, most styles accentuate your bump, and you can dress them up or down for the situation.

When stocking the maternity section of your closet, look for lightweight, breathable fabric to get your through the summer heat. Consider the potential “heat trap” a maxi-length dress can cause, but make sure any dress is long enough to provide sufficient coverage as your bump grows and takes up more fabric. (If you’re sticking to maternity dresses, this shouldn’t be as big of an issue, as they’ll have extra fabric factored in.)

Also consider your personal bump style. Do you prefer something form-fitting, or something that cinches above the bump and flares out? Do you want to accentuate the top of your bump with a belt or embellishment?

Finally, think about whether you plan to wear shorts underneath, and if so, whether they would be visible through the fabric.


One major benefit to being pregnant over the summer is the option to wear sandals or other slip-on shoes. No need to force your swollen feet into a pair of boots or to ask your partner to help tie the laces. You can simply slip your feet in and go!

That said, it’s still important to find shoes that offer solid support, especially as your center of gravity shifts and your feet potentially flatten. Those cheap plastic flip-flops from your favorite discount store may not be the most comfortable – or safest – option.

Another consideration during strappy sandal season is how swollen your feet get by the end of the day. Those stylish little straps might look cute when you buy the sandals, but you might not feel the same if they press into your skin. If puffy feet are a problem area for you, you’ll likely be more comfortable with wider, softer straps.


While you might not be looking to win any fashion awards at bedtime, what you wear to sleep matters. You want something comfortable and convenient for middle-of-the-night wakings – whether from your pregnant bladder or nursing infant. The Bamboobies easy access nursing nightgown is soft and loose-fitting for ultimate comfort through every stage of your pregnancy and postpartum journey. And just for fun – it’s cute too!

The summer heat might cause some irritation through your pregnancy, but a closet full of comfortable, versatile staples can at least keep you fairly comfortable – while showing off that adorable bump for the world to see!


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