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How to celebrate Mother’s Day with new moms

Having a new baby means a whole year of celebrating firsts—first time rolling over, first words, first steps—but in the midst of celebrating a new baby’s milestone firsts, don’t forget that there’s an experience for a first-time mom that you shouldn’t overlook—her first Mother’s Day!

Having a newborn gives a new mom a whole new meaning to Mother’s Day. She’s not only celebrating the mothers and mother figures in her own life, now she deserves to be celebrated for all that she does for her own child.

As a mom of a newborn, you likely don’t have a whole lot of time for yourself—whether you’re settling into a stay-at-home mom life or returning to work after some time off. Remember to take time for yourself to soak in the day while also giving yourself a chance to relax.

Capture your first Mother’s Day through photos and journaling. While we’ve come to be a society that takes pictures nearly everywhere we go, sometimes that can be a good thing. Get photos of you and your baby to remember the day, and do some journaling so you remember what you did and how you felt. It’ll be a great memory to look back on and will be fun to share with your child when they’re older.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself. You do amazing, important work as a new mom—focusing most your time and attention on your little one—but you sometimes forget to take time for yourself. The first year with your first baby is often marked by the baby’s growth and milestones, but don’t forget to make Mother’s Day about you. If you need a break or want some relaxing or pampering time, there’s no better time than now to do it.

If you’re celebrating the new mom in your life, above all else, make her feel special. No matter how you’re looking to treat the new mom in your life—your partner, sibling, friend—here are some thoughts on how you can make them feel special.

For the mom who’s sentimental

Create something personalized that will help her remember her first Mother’s Day. Make a special card, buy a personalized gift with her baby’s name or initial, or create a gift with her baby’s hand or foot prints so she can reminisce later on how much they’ve grown. Maternity and newborn baby photo shoots are common, but if you’re spending Mother’s Day with the new mom, take some photos of her and baby during the day. Many photos that moms capture don’t include themselves since they’re always trying to get photos of their baby. Take some candid shots to print or put in a digital frame.

For the mom who’s always on the go

Offer to spend time with her baby so she can have some time to herself. Some moms have a harder time being away from their child as a newborn, and that’s okay! She may be willing to let you watch the baby while she takes a nap, goes to a fitness class, or goes for groceries or other errands—things she may not even remember the last time she did alone!

For the mom who needs nursing support

She may already have a nursing bra, but having one more around to delay a laundry day isn’t a bad thing. Get one that’s a dual nursing and pumping bra that provides hands-free pumping and easy clips for quick access when breastfeeding. A new mom’s body is continuing to change even after baby is born, so get one that will be comfortable no matter how many changes happen. For extra nursing support, gift her a tasty treat that also helps boost milk production at the same time with nursing tea made with organic, natural ingredients and lactation-boosting herbs.

For the mom who’s still getting the hang of it

Each milestone and stage with children will be different and as a first-time mom, she’ll be learning along the way. As simple as it sounds, make sure to reminder her that she’s doing a great job! Tell her you’re there for what she needs. All in all, each mom is different and will appreciate different offers or words of encouragement. An offer of “What can I do for you?” can sometimes be the best gift she can receive.

For the mom who’s always looking out for others

If we’re being honest, probably all moms fall into this category. More often than not, a mom’s focus will be on baby and the family and less on herself. Get her a self-care set or pampering spa or nails appointment. Remind her that taking time for herself will help refresh and rejuvenate her and make her even more ready for the busy ahead.

Above all, make the new mom in your life feel special on her first Mother’s Day. Whether you get her a gift, offer to help in any way she needs, or send words of support and encouragement, reminding a new mom that she’s doing great is never a bad option. Place the attention and love on her, and help her enjoy the day.

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