Following You Through Your Journey with the Everyday Bra

Following You Through Your Journey with the Everyday Bra

Becoming a mother is a lifelong journey. The pregnancy and initial postpartum period are just the beginning. After growing that little life inside of you, introducing them to the outside world, and breastfeeding them for anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, you’re still a mom who needs – and deserves – comfort and support.

One thing you might not know as a first-time mom is that not only will your breasts change throughout your pregnancy and immediately after the birth of your baby, but they may change again once you finish your breastfeeding journey. In fact, they might never be the same as before pregnancy again. That means bras – that still offer sufficient support – are essential.

Breast changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Your body goes through significant changes throughout and following your pregnancy. In fact, it can take more than a year for your body to fully heal and recover after you deliver your baby. You may notice changes from head (mood/stress) to toe (change in shoe size), but the longest lasting impact might be right in the middle: in your chest.

Your breasts can change in shape or size throughout your life, but you’ll likely notice these changes the most during your pregnancy, after giving birth, and after you finish breastfeeding. You’ll want the right bra for each stage.

Changes during pregnancy:

  • Your breasts start growing around six to eight weeks into your pregnancy, mostly due to increasing hormones, blood flow, and fluid retention. This might even be one of the first signs of pregnancy that you noticed! By the end of your pregnancy, you could be up a full cup size or more.
  • Throughout your pregnancy, your breasts may be itchy, tender, or more sensitive, again due to hormone levels and as a result of their growth and stretching skin.
  • Toward the end of your first trimester, you might notice your breasts beginning to leak colostrum (the first “type” of breastmilk your baby will receive before your milk fully comes in). Not everyone experiences leaking this early, or even during pregnancy. If you do experience this, though, you can protect your bras and clothing with a nursing pad.
  • You might find that your nipples start to stick out more as they grow larger. The kind of fabric your bra is made out of can determine how much this bothers you. Bamboobies bras are all made with ultra-soft rayon made from bamboo fabric to sooth discomfort while providing plenty of support.

Changes after giving birth:

  • Within a few days of your baby’s birth, your milk will come in, causing your breasts to swell. They might fill up so much that it’s painful, which is referred to as engorgement. This is typically eased by nursing your baby or pumping to remove the breastmilk, but it can take a while for your body to find its rhythm, and you might find yourself painfully engorged more than once. During this time when your breasts are full of milk, a strong, supportive, and soft nursing bra is key to staying as comfortable as possible.
  • You might experience mild to moderate nipple pain early in your breastfeeding journey while your baby gets used to latching and you get used to the new sensation. Again, a soft bra can make a world of difference, as can a soothing nipple balm or cream.

These changes might not come as a surprise to you, and maybe you’ve already stocked up on sturdy, soft, supportive nursing bras to get you through pregnancy and breastfeeding. But what happens when you’re done and no longer need the easy-access clasps of a nursing bra?

What to expect after you’re done breastfeeding

If you’re hoping to go back to your pre-pregnancy bras after you’re done nursing, you might be disappointed to learn many women’s breasts change permanently as a result of breastfeeding. While they typically return to their pre-pregnancy size if and when your weight returns to what it was, the shape might not “bounce back.”

The engorgement that happens from breastfeeding can stretch out ligaments in your chest, which can lead to some long-term drooping or sagging. The stretched skin and shift in connective and fatty tissue within the breasts might even make your breasts appear smaller or more lopsided than before. You might need a new size, and you may find you want stronger support than you used to need.

What to look for in an everyday bra after breastfeeding

After the time spent adjusting to changes in size and shape, you might find that a wireless bra is more comfortable well beyond the initial postpartum period, but something soft and stretchy alone might not cut it after what your body has been through.

The best bras for postpartum and beyond are ones that are soft and stretchy but also sturdy enough to provide ample support for stretched out skin and tissue. In fact, wearing a bra with proper support right away might even help mitigate some of the sagging that can result from breastfeeding.

You already know about the benefits of a good nursing bra, and you’ve come to expect quality nursing apparel from Bamboobies. Now we’re here to support you beyond those early days of motherhood.

With the introduction of the Bamboobies everyday bra – our first non-breastfeeding bra without drop-down clips – you can take the well designed and sustainable comfort you know and love with you as you keep up with your little one for years to come. The everyday bra is crafted using the same super-soft fabric made from renewable bamboo as other Bamboobies bras and stretches to move – making it convenient for everything from chasing toddlers around the playground to running to various sports tournaments. The seamless, wireless design promises all-day comfort, and the scoop neck design and convertible straps – which adjust easily from traditional to racerback styles – make it completely versatile. Removable pads offer a customizable fit, and a thick ribbed band with hook and eye closure gives you the support you need. offer a customizable fit, and a thick ribbed band with hook and eye closure gives you the support you need.

As a mom, you can use all of the comfort and support you can get. At Bamboobies, we’re happy to help where we can, and we’re excited to join you as you move onto the next step of your motherhood journey.


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