Seasonal Favorites for Baby's Arrival: Summer

Seasonal Favorites for Baby's Arrival: Summer

The one sure thing about your baby’s arrival? It’s going to happen during a season! No matter your location or when your little one arrives, you’ll want to be seasonally prepared with the best products for motherhood success! Here is a list of some of our favorites by season:

Summer: When the outdoors get sunny & hot

  • Blender

    • Unless you’re near a pole (the North or South versions), you are probably hot in the summer. And if you’re hot, you’re going to want a fix-all, especially if you’re going from very pregnant to newly nursing. While we can’t promise you something like that exists, the magic of a good blender is that it can make you Pinterest hacks like eye masks, super smooth gazpachos, and magically cooling beverages (maybe with a splash of somethin’ extra - get it, mama!). Plus, you can puree up some foods for your little one if they’re at the age of trying out solids. There’s nothing more fun than blending things, especially after a trying day. Let the whir of the blender take you to an island paradise where there’s definitely a pool and someone’s definitely using that blender to make you something delicious.

  • Nursing Tank

    • Listen. It’s hot. We get it. Sometimes, the thought of putting on another layer like a bra makes you want to cry. We agree, and it’s why we put it together with a versatile nursing tank to give you all the ease with none of the effort. A built-in shelf bra goes along with simple nursing clips and drop-down cups for breastfeeding and pumping ease. This tank can go with you from pregnancy to breastfeeding and is light enough to wear as a sleep shirt. We’re all about that double use, and we’re not going to judge you if it’s day two (or three) in it.

  • Sun hat

    • Sun protection is important all year round, but we’re extra careful in summer when the sun’s rays are working their hardest and Daylight Savings Time means more time in direct sunlight. While we advocate for wearing sunscreen for you and baby, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra piece of protection with a great hat. Wide-brimmed sun hats can be dressed up with a great pair of sunglasses for an effortless look that also protects not only your face, but your neck, shoulders, and décolleté - and maybe baby if you’re front-carrying!
  • Nursing Shawl
    • If there is any chance you are going to find yourself breastfeeding outside, make sure you have sun protection for you and baby. A Nursing Shawl with at least UPF 30 will help keep the harmful rays of the sun from getting to your baby. It also helps keep baby from getting distracted while nursing. 
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