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The Importance of Comfort in the Postpartum Period

We know that the postpartum period is not an inherently comfortable time, either mentally or physically. Once your baby is born, you’ll once again be tasked with getting used to a new stage of your ever-changing body — through breastfeeding, a belly that incrementally gets smaller, and sensitive skin — and that’s not an easy ask. Your focus as of late hasn’t been on you; it has been on preparing for your new addition. Surely you’ve prepped for baby’s arrival, buying clothes, diapers, bottles, a crib and car seat, and a collection of other baby necessities. But what about you? By now you’ve got an array of maternity clothes for yourself, but are you ready for what you’ll need once baby is here?

With all of your focus on the arrival of baby, you may have neglected your own postpartum needs. But making your needs a priority won’t only prepare you for the next step in motherhood, it’ll make you more confident. As you’re well aware, pregnancy has a significant physical effect on your body, and it will be a long healing process once you’ve given birth. You’ll be a combination of sore, uncomfortable, still bleeding, and possibly needing to be extra careful around any C-section stitches. Your body will go through a long recovery process.

After baby arrives, your belly won’t go back to pre-pregnancy size right away. While timing is different for everyone, you can expect to have a belly for several weeks yet. It can take six or more weeks for your uterus to go back to pre-pregnancy size and your abdominal muscles start to strengthen and tone up again.1 So make sure to do what you can to keep yourself comfortable in the postpartum period. One of the easiest ways to do that? Make sure you’re stocked up on comfy clothes! It may seem trivial, but hear us out.

You want to support your healing and recovery with comfortability. Comfy clothing reminds you to take it easy. Do you ever feel an immediate sense of comfort or relaxation when you change into sweats from work clothes after a long day at the office? Those clothes are a natural reminder to prioritize relaxation and take time for your body and mind to recover. It may take several months for your body to physically recover from childbirth, so while your body is still adjusting in the postpartum phase, comfy and stretchy clothing will help you slow down.

Making yourself comfortable helps with postpartum recovery while you’re experiencing discomfort and changes in your body after childbirth. Loose fabrics are stretchy, flowy, and gentler on sensitive skin, particularly if you had a C-section. They can also help you feel more comfortable and confident in your evolving body, which can help with the state of your emotional well-being. Not only do they allow for easier, less restricted movement, it can avoid some strain on the body from rougher or tighter fabric. The right kind of postpartum clothes also make breastfeeding more efficient and convenient. If you’ve forgotten some of your own needs for the upcoming stage, we’ve got some suggestions.

Must-have items

If you’re breastfeeding or pumping, make sure you’ve got a great nursing bra. The soft fabric is gentle against the sensitive skin of your still-changing breasts and won’t be overly constricting, yet it’s supportive enough for walks, yoga, or other light-impact activity that will also promote light movement. It will be comfortable as your breast size continues to change through breastfeeding. 

A nursing tank or t-shirt is both comfortable and convenient. They’re designed for a breastfeeding mom’s convenience, with strategically placed openings or flaps for ease and efficiency when pumping or feeding baby. Because they’re made for new moms, it’s no wonder they prioritize comfort as well as efficiency in order to accommodate your changing body.

A nursing nightgown is essential for convenience and efficiency at one of the most important times — nighttime feedings when your sleep is interrupted. A nightgown won’t have gathered fabric or a tight waistband like pajama pants would, which is especially helpful if you’ve had a C-section or are still feeling swollen and bruised.

A nursing shawl, hands-free pumping and nursing bra, and other similar items aimed at a new mom’s comfort and efficiency will all make this all-important part of your postpartum journey a little easier.

Find pieces that make you feel comfortable but also keep you warm for those chilly days or air-conditioned spaces. A cozy cardigan or oversized sweatshirt can keep you warm but also help make breastfeeding or pumping more efficient.

Comfort and function are the ideal combination to look for with postpartum clothing. We know it can be hard to find motivation to just get out of your pajamas some days with a newborn, but these easy, comfy finds can help make you feel put-together and productive.

If you’re going out in the cold, wearing more thin layers is a better way to stay warm than wearing less heavier pieces. Wearing several lightweight and loose layers works better to keep you warm because air that gets trapped in between layers of clothing helps with insulation. Also, tight clothing actually reduces the body’s ability to circulate blood, therefore causing an inefficiency in the body’s ability warm itself. This reduces the body’s natural heating process, which means you won’t be able to regulate your body temperature as well. Tighter clothing also limits range of movement, which could make things like breastfeeding harder.  

If this baby is your first, you may be surprised by how long it may take your body to get used to its new normal state. You know you’re not going to go back to your pre-pregnancy size immediately — if ever — but remember to respect your body where it’s at, and keep it comfortable. It worked non-stop for nine months to grow your baby, so reward it with some comfort now.





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