3 Tips On Twin Breastfeeding - Guest Blogger

3 Tips On Twin Breastfeeding - Guest Blogger

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If you are a twin mom reading this article, my first thought is kudos to you for finding the free time to even do so. Being a mom of multiples is heavy business – being a mom of two or more at the same age makes you Superwoman in my book. We are only a few weeks past National Breastfeeding Month where we focused on Black Breastfeeding Week with our annual Nursathon, an event to encourage Black mothers to breastfeed by providing educational tips, experts, and products that will make their journey easier. Even though extra attention is given to breastfeeding during the month of August, the topic of latching, lactation, and education will forever be connected to motherhood. Speaking of it all, let’s talk about three ways to make breastfeeding easier for twin mamas!

Is Tandem Feeding Really A Thing?

When I think of twin breastfeeding, my first thought is – knock it out at the same time, right? Hoist both babies, one on each breast and sit peacefully while they nurse. It sounds like a beautiful image and yes, some women do it but tandem breastfeeding can be extremely exhausting for mom. Instead of tandem breastfeeding, try putting your twins on a feeding schedule and resist the urge to let them overfeed. This will help to increase your milk supply and demand plus allow enough time for your other baby to breastfeed without spending too much time during one feeding session.

Try this: Keep a feeding chart or schedule in your phone to track how long each twin is breastfeeding.

Find Products That Support Breastfeeding For Mom

Breastfeeding is that much easier when you have proper support. This is why National Breastfeeding Month exists. Support doesn’t just come in the form of education but also from companies like Bamboobies. Bamboobies started with the Regular and Overnight Washable Nursing Pads, made to help breastfeeding mothers from leaking onto their clothes in between breastfeeding and blossomed into many other products like the most comfortable nursing bras, shawls, and tanks to their Organic Nipple Balm and Organic Pumping Lubricant for mamas who would like to bottle feed. I mean, they seriously thought of everything.

Organic Pumping Lubricant

It does not matter if you are a mom of one or two babies, nipple sensitivity while breastfeeding is a real thing. You want to use products that are safe for you, safe for baby, and gentle against your nipples. If you are experiencing extreme nipple sensitivity, please consult a lactation consultant.

Organic Nipple Balm

Taking Care Of Your Health Increases Your Milk Supply

Milk supply is a tender subject when it comes to breastfeeding. One of the main reasons many mothers stop breastfeeding is because of the fear that they are not providing their baby with enough milk. Thankfully, more education has been released around how much milk our babies actually need and ways to increase your supply to produce more.

Milk supply is heavily dependant on milk demand. Following a feeding schedule creates a routine and a habit for milk production. Make sure you are on a proper sleep schedule for adequate rest in between feedings. You can also increase your water to 8 ounces per hour.

Here are also a list of foods that help milk lactation:

  • Oats
  • Garlic
  • Leafy greens and vegetables like yams and carrots
  • Sesame seeds
  • Fennel & fenugreek

Mamas, do you have any additional tips that will help out a breastfeeding twin mom? Share them below!


Thanks again to Black Moms Blog!


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