1st Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

Everything you need — once you know.

Motherhood starts well before your bump starts showing or your body starts changing. Hello, morning sickness! From mood swings to complete aversion to your favorite foods, you might be wondering if motherhood is really worth the pregnancy nausea. Rest assured, mama, we’ve got you covered with all the first trimester products you need to stay comfortable so you can prepare for the Momhood!

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Your body begins changing before you even know you’re pregnant. Starting with sore boobs and eventually your expanding bump, you’ll love how our super-soft and comfy pregnancy apparel supports you through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!

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Belly Balm

Protect your stretching skin with natural and organic creams and balms. Your skin needs TLC from the moment you know all the way through breastfeeding (and beyond)! Whether you’re worried about stretch marks or just need a remedy for sensitive or stretching skin, you’ll love our products.

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Unfortunately, pregnancy brain and mom brain are both very real. But when it comes to staying on top of all your prenatal vitamins and other medications, these easy to use pill organizers make remembering your doses a breeze.

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motherhood made a little easier. bam.