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boob-ease® USDA Organic Pumping Lubricant

boob-ease USDA Organic Pumping Lubricant reduces friction to make pumping more comfortable for new moms. Lactation consultants recommend using a lubricant to make pumping a little easier and less painful.

*Certified Organic Ingredients by Ecocert ICO,

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Organic Pumping Lubricant

USDA Organic & Lanolin Free

Our coconut oil-based pumping lubricant is USDA organic (*Certified Organic Ingredients by Ecocert ICO, Z-89521-2018). Please note: coconut oil can stain clothing, so we recommend using with bamboobies Washable or Disposable Nursing Pads.

Pump with Ease

One drop is all you need to make pumping a breeze. Apply to your nipples or flanges before pumping. Our tubes are super portable and easy to store - throw one in your pumping bag and keep one at home so you have it whenever you need it!

Organic Pumping Lubricant
Organic Pumping Lubricant

Made from Simple Ingredients:

Six simple, easy-to-pronounce ingredients: coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, beeswax, matricaria flower extract, cocoa seed butter. No need to wipe off prior to breastfeeding!

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