Nursing Bras & Breastfeeding Pads

& other postpartum essentials

Fourth trimester comfort, recovery & care.

Congratulations and welcome to the momhood! We know what it’s like, one day you’re walking around with the bump, then suddenly you’re caring for your baby AND yourself! It’s not a seamless transition for most first-time moms, so we’ve developed some amazing solutions to help comfort you and baby through postpartum recovery. Grab these postpartum essentials to help make the first steps into motherhood a little easier.

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Pregnant mom in yoga nursing bra

Mama, this is the nursing bra you’ve been looking for. It’s super-soft and comfy, adjusts to your changing body, and makes it super-simple to breastfeed with nursing clasps and drop down cups. This nursing bra is one you’ll want to wear well past breastfeeding!

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When you’re breastfeeding, staying comfortable includes staying dry. Our nursing pads help protect your wardrobe, and come in both normal absorbency and nighttime absorbency based on your needs. Soft enough for sensitive nipples, while being protective enough to stop leaks – day or night. Our super-soft nursing pads come in several designs!

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Nipple Balm

Take care of your sensitive nipples! If this is your first baby, trust us, you’ll want nipple balm in your hospital bag, at your nursing station, and anywhere you plan to breastfeed. Nursing takes its toll on your breasts. Organic nipple balm helps soothe sensitive nipples after breastfeeding; made with only organic ingredients, there’s no need to wipe off before feeding – safe for mom and baby!

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Keeping your little one comfortable isn’t just about diapers and clothing. It starts with quality skincare products for the most precious, sensitive skin! Protect your little’s baby-soft skin with natural & organic creams, balms, and more.

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Diaper Spray

When the skin is just too sensitive to touch, this no-rub diaper spray is your best defense against diaper rash! It soothes your baby’s dry, sensitive, or chafed skin while preventing and treating this common newborn skin condition.

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motherhood made a little easier. bam.