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      Moms make the world go around. Our mission is to empower moms from the first moment they consider motherhood, through pregnancy, and after baby arrives. Bamboobies delivers exceptionally crafted products, real-life advice, and a welcoming community to help moms feel confident about one of life's biggest adventures.

      made by a mom

      Bamboobies puts moms first. Created by a real-life mom who was frustrated at the lack of reusable and comfortable nursing pads, Bamboobies combines smart design and baby-and-mom-friendly ingredients to provide worry-free, effective products that support and empower every mom at every stage of her motherhood journey.

      designed for moms

      From our materials to our ingredients, our products are thoughtfully crafted to look great, feel good, and work well. Beloved by bloggers, influencers, and moms just like you, Bamboobies is the spot for much-loved, most-trusted products.

      believe in bam

      rayon made from

      rayon made from bamboo

      washable pads help reduce landfill waste

      natural and organic balms with simple ingredients

      renewable resources and recyclable packaging

      bam fans

      Innovative, fun designs, eco-friendly materials, and real mom know-how are just a few of the reasons editors, social media and top mommy blogs love us (and give us top honors!)