Bright Nursery Colors

Bright Nursery Colors

Babies won't be able to see color for the first couple of months, so having those soothing pastel hues in their room won't mean anything to them at first. Make their nursery cheery and fun with bright colors and bold patterns. At first black and white objects are the most easily discernible color combinations, having some cards with animals or letters and numbers in black and white will be very exciting to your babe. But once their color vision kicks in they’ll love to see the different hues.

Following these tips will help you create a beautifully designed nursery.

Don’t go overboard

Pick less than three colors and repeat those shades multiple times in the room to create a consistent design. If your space is smaller, try cooler tones like blue and green rather than warmer tones that make the walls come in more creating a more cramped look. 

Pick your colors wisely

Colors do evoke certain emotions, be sure you’re conveying the right message by doing a little research on what your colors of choice will make your little one feel. Neon may be trendy but overwhelming to a young child (or anyone).

Keep some white space

Maintaining white space will allow for a nice contrast with your colors and will give the eyes a necessary break from the color. 

Pick paint last

Before you cover the walls in a color, pick out the crib sheets, rocking chair and other furniture or nursery fabrics. This will ensure that the color works with the room and you can find accenting pieces. Switching up the fabrics and accessories is much cheaper and easier than changing the wall colors.

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