Laugh It Off

Laugh It Off

Once you enter motherhood, you're handed a generous amount of comedic content! And these five female comedians take the mishaps, frustrations, and frankly gross things that come with everyday parenthood and turn them into comedic gold.

You can commiserate with these mamas who have been there, done that, seen it all and are able to tell it in an entertaining and relatable way. Self-deprecation is the cornerstone of many comedians right? We all need a good laugh, especially when we haven’t seen our own toes in a month and pee whenever we sneeze.

First up, check out Ali Wong’s Netflix special Baby Cobra. She steps out on stage at over 7 months pregnant. Just getting up the stairs to reach the stage in your third trimester is a feat in itself but she’s up there cleverly making us laugh our behinds off.

Christina Pazsitzky doesn’t hold back anything when it comes to discussing reproduction and genetics of the human race.

These two Midwestern moms, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, teamed up for a web series called #IMomSoHard and have had other moms in stiches. The best episode is when they try on the latest swimsuit trends that I think we can all agree are not designed by the average mom.

Natasha Leggero says what a lot of us may be thinking but would never say out loud, that if only we could drink away our pregnancy body pains like we used to drink away our bad breakups earlier in life.

Jessi Klein may not have a web series or a TV show but she’s got a book that every woman, not just mother, should read – You’ll Grow Out of It. As head writer of Inside Amy Schumer she won an Emmy but describes what every mom can relate to - no matter what achievements you have outside the home it doesn’t change the fact that you’re someone’s mom doing the same everyday life stuff every other mom does.

A lot of weird, new things happen to your body when you’re pregnant and nursing and the best you can do is find the humor in it. Embrace it and laugh it off, mama!

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