Hey mama...your breasts...they're gonna leak!

Hey mama...your breasts...they're gonna leak!

Are you snuggling your baby bump and wondering why you’re so sweaty...then you reach in your bra and feel it’s wet? How about hanging out at work a few weeks after delivering your little one and you hear someone crying...and bam, your shirt’s got two circles forming...ugh!

Leaks are normal, mama. Seriously. They can start as early as second trimester and most mamas will leak postpartum if they’re breastfeeding. You might start earlier because your body’s confirming all systems are a go - and they’re probably leaking a yellowish liquid that looks way different than what you thought breastmilk was supposed to look like - more like cloudy OJ than your fave 2%. That’s called colostrum - liquid gold - it’s a protein-heavy breastmilk that arrives during the beginning of baby’s life to deliver antibodies that keep your baby healthy.

After giving birth, your body’s going to go through a TON of changes. One of them will be your milk “coming in,” and that means your boobs are gonna be ready to WORK. All mamas are different - some leak lightly, some soak through bras and shirts and hoodies, some don’t leak a drop. Either way, you’re going to want to be prepared because not only is there no way to peek into a crystal ball and see your flowy future, but again - most moms will leak at some point. Good thing we’ve got your front!

So...what kind of nursing pads do you need, mama? The fun of nursing pad shopping is you’re able to pick based on your needs - from light to heavy, from planned ahead to pack-and-go, you’ve got options! And on top of that...color choices, too! We’ll walk you through all of our nursing pads so you can make the right choice for you (or just get ‘em all...we don’t judge 😉)

Ultra-thin, Heart-Shaped Nursing Pads: The OG of Pads (With a Twist):

Our very first product was created by our founder, Kerry, following the birth of her second child. She was...well, leaky. And she was so tired of using disposable pads that she ran through quickly, only to find reusable pads bulky and scratchy on her sore new mom nipples. That’s when she stuck a piece of bamboo velour fabric in her bra...and the idea for bamboobies was born! bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads have a lot to love - literally and figuratively! Their heart shape darts around the breast, making them nearly invisible underneath a close-fitting tank or bra. Their three layers start with super soft rayon from bamboo fabric up against the breast, working alongside nipple balm to keep your new mom nipples in good shape. The second layer is an absorbent cotton blend, working to soak up all the leaks your breasts have to offer. The third layer is a patented milk-proof™ outer layer, designed to stop leaks from making their way through to the other side.

The other fun part of our hearts are their color choices! We’ve got our original light pink - a top seller and classic for a reason. You can get it in a single pair to try our or three pairs - yes, please! And if light pink wasn’t enough...how about hot pink and black? Our Multi-Packs give you the option to choose between all light pink or multi-colored, depending on your style. (Mom tip: be sure to grab up the multi-pack colors if you see them available...they’re a top seller and hard to get!) As for those round pads...we’ll get to ‘em in a sec. We’ve got another pair of hearts to tell you about, and they are a showstopper for sure. Our Flirty Lace patterned pads were designed BY YOU, mamas! We posted a social contest with multiple patterns and Flirty Lace won by a landslide, so we put them into test production and sold thousands like hotcakes (mmm...now we’re thinking about pancakes...) If you’re looking to feel a little fancy (yeah, even with a #mombun and no pants - we’ve all been there), these are the pads for you.

Overnight Washable Nursing Pads: The Workhorse

Are you reading about the hearts and thinking “oh, that’s cute. As if my boobs could TOUCH those things and not leak through. Ha!” Well...we hear ya, mama. Super-leaks happen to many mamas in the first few weeks of baby’s life and some carry on the entirety of a breastfeeding journey. We know some folks will tell you “oh, it’s a blessing! It just means you’re making lots of milk for your baby!” But when you can’t walk around the house without leaking through your shirt...it can feel a little more frustrating than blissful. That’s where our Overnight Nursing Pads come in, mama. We’re talking thicker, more absorbent, no-muss-no-fuss pads with the same makeup as our hearts that work to collect all of those leaks and keep you dry throughout the day or night. While they aren’t as undetectable as our heart-shaped pads, they’re stopping leaks and that is worth it for super-leaky mamas (plus, if you’re concerned about them showing, we’ve got a shawl for that!) You can grab them on their own in our signature blue in a two-pair or four-pair pack, or in a combo pack (great way to try both hearts AND overnights!), multi-pack (reminder: these are the ones you can choose the heart colors!), or value-pack with our hearts.

Now, we know...we’ve heard you, mamas. Those blue pads don’t have ANY variation. How come the hearts have so many options and the heavy-hittin’ mamas who use overnights don’t get a choice?

What about a gorgeous shibori print? Heck yeah, mama! We’ve got that for you!

Our newest line of Washable Nursing Pads is our Shibori Blue Overnight Nursing Pads - the on-trend gorgeous blue will remind you of calm, soothing waters...floating in a pool...wet...shoot, now you’re leaking again, aren’t you? Good thing you’ve got these gorgeous pads to carry you through! The ancient art of shibori dyeing is something the team at bamboobies loves, and we wanted to spice up the Overnights with something that reminds you you’re more than your leaks.

Disposables: For the eco-conscious, on-the-go mama

We’d be remiss to not mention that there are some mamas that can’t rock out a washable nursing pad for any amount of reasons (including travel - that’s a good one.). We’re those mamas, too, sometimes! We wanted to make a disposable pad that was eco-friendly, good for mama’s sore nipples, and did the work of our washables...and that’s where our EcoPure Bamboo Disposable Nursing Pads come in. These pads do the heavy-duty job of catching leaks while doing something other disposables aren’t - staying environmentally focused. The inner core of the pad is certified sustainable by Forest Stewardship Council. You’ve still got the softness of bamboo viscose on the breast-facing part of the pad; and the outer layer is more breathable than other pads’ plastic lining, keeping sensitive skin healthier. For mamas who want the eco-consciousness of a washable pad but the ease of a grab-and-go pad, this is the salted caramel of breastfeeding: a perfect balance. Get them in a pack of 60 or 120 in our two-box bundle!

If you’re new to this mom thing and aren’t sure what you need or like, get a few of each of the nursing pads and try them. You’ll soon figure out what works best for you and what you like. Also, your leaking may change as baby does, so you may need to try more options once your milk is established. It’s also good to have options for traveling or when you need to do laundry!

Have some pad suggestions for us? What’s a dream pattern you wanna see? Have questions about nursing pads? We’re always listening to our mamas - lay it on us!

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