Shawl me somethin' good!

Shawl me somethin' good!

Ever been out to dinner with your little one and breastfed at the table, only to be looked at by the folks next to you? Ever taken a bite of guacamole, noticed it plopped on your baby’s head, then looked left and right before scooping it up with a tortilla chip? (It’s ok. It’s like a wipe!)

How about breastfeeding in a park or on a trail and had to shield your eyes from the sun? How about flying dust? Sprinkles of rain?

Carrying your baby into Target and it’s snowing like crazy, even on your bundled-up babe?

There’s a ton of reasons why you might wanna protect your little one from the elements (and yeah, we count guac as an element.) All the above and more are why the Chic Nursing Shawl were created! Versatility and minimalism are the name of the game when you’re hauling a baby, a carrier, a stroller, a car seat, a diaper we’re lost in our baby gear! Fortunately, the Chic Nursing Shawl is a five-in-one superproduct.

1 - Nursing shawl

PSA - Let us be up front with you: we’re all about nursing however you damn well please, mama. Boobs out? Cool. Boobs in? Also cool. You do you! That being said, there are A - mamas who may prefer to cover up, and B - mamas who want to cover their babies if they’re outside, or are the type to multitask while nursing and want to slow distractions from the 6-month-plus crowd of little hands wandering. This nursing shawl is perfect for any of the above. With a UPF 50+ rating, baby (and bare breasts that may not have gotten sunscreen in the pack-up-and-get-out-the-door of the day!) is protected from the harsh rays of the sun. It also works great against other weather elements like wind, rain, and snow. The shawl’s other fab feature? It’s that bamboobies-classic rayon from bamboo - we’re talking buttery-soft plushness without the weight of cotton. Plus, this stuff is breathable. No more getting sweaty while nursing, even in the dead of winter. There’s too much to love.

2 - Pumping cover

Okay, hear us out. Yeah, could most other “nursing covers” work as a pumping cover? Sure - if you wanted to look like that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when Robin Williams is pretending to be a hot dog. Come on, you know the one.
robin williams, mrs. doubtfire, hot dog

The freedom that the Chic Nursing Shawl gives you is movement. The cut, free-flowing sides mean your arms can fit everything underneath, from your one-year-old who hit a growth spurt so fast, they’re not even wearing pants all the way to the big mama monster pump with enormous flanges and big ol’ bottles. Other nursing covers are tight, and while it means they make a cute infinity scarf, that’s about it as far as movement goes for you, mama. Which brings us to our next point...

3 - Nursing scarf

We. Love. Scarves. No matter the season, it takes your nursing tank from drab to fab with ease. With a long pair of earrings and the #mombun of our dreams (okay, the only look we rock every day because showers are a thing of the past), a loose scarf is the best way to rock a look that says “Yeah, I’m out in public. I mean, it’s a Target, and I’m getting stuff for my baby, but I. Am. Here.” We recommend this adorable look from fitness blogger Sarah Matthews (@sarahmatthewsfitness on Instagram) to dress up a scarf with a kimono for a loose, flowy look that is shockingly elegant with little effort.
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4 - Car seat cover

This is where the versatility of this shawl really comes to life. Instead of a supertight capsule that you have to pull out of the way to see baby, but then the fabric rolls down and you have to roll it back up, then you’re finding how dirty it gets with how much you have to move it around...none of that seems worth it, and oftentimes there’s no guaranteed sun protection. Again, let us remind you...UPF 50+ rating on this bad gal and flowy flexibility means full protection of your little one PLUS the ability to easily peek in when necessary. Yes, please.
chic, nursing, shawl, chic nursing shawl, nursing shawl, car seat, car seat cover

5 - Blanket

And now for a simple fifth element - this is a crazysoft fabric item that any baby would love to snuggle with. Now, we don’t recommend using this as a swaddle, but when you’re in a pinch and baby needs something to cuddle, this is the shawl for you (both!) With simple wash instructions (wash on warm, dry on low heat), you’re able to toss this in the wash after tummy time turns into spit up time and THAT is the easy dream of a neutral, non-patterned shawl. Darker colors and flowy fabric lead to stains becoming a thing of the past - that’s one less item for you to be totally bummed about ruining with baby.

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