Hospital Bag Essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials

Woohoo! You’re in the home stretch! Your baby is on the way and we know you’re excited to finally meet this friend who’s been sharing your internal living space. But wait! Do you have the hospital bag ready to go? If not, let us help you pack up:

Comfy, dark post-delivery clothes:

We’re talking not fancy, but practical. If you feel like you’ll want to deliver in something like a gown, bring that along as well. Dark clothes will help with what happens afterward and will hide stains, we promise. As for up top, our Yoga Nursing Bra and our Nursing Tank make breastfeeding easy and comfortable with nursing clips and drop-down cups. A robe to go along with the ensemble isn’t necessary but may be something you’re seeking for comfort. Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and accessible for baby and skin-to-skin time.

Pads. Pads of all sorts:

nursing, nursing pads, nursing bra, washable nursing pads, breastfeeding, new momWe’ve got two in mind: pads for below and pads for up high. For below, get extra long pads with wings to be sure you’ve got everything covered (and on that note, though the hospital may provide mesh undies, you might want to bring a few pairs of larger underwear that you don’t care too much about). While the hospital may provide maxi pads, you’ll probably be happier with your choice than the bulky options they offer. As for up top, prep your body for baby with our Overnight Nursing Pads - super thick, super comfortable, and super absorbent for the learning curve of breastfeeding your little one.

Favorite toiletries:

After giving birth, girl, you deserve a hot shower! Provided that you delivered vaginally, if all goes well, you will be free from IVs a day or two after giving birth. Treat yourself to the luxury of a steamy clean with your favorite scents before getting back into bed for more snuggles! Pro tip: bring a favorite big, soft towel from home for the ultimate in luxury.

Maternity clothes:

While you’re well on your way to bouncing back from your nine-months-pregnant body, know that your body will probably revert to its six-months-pregnant size. Might we recommend our Chic Nursing Shawl? It’s perfect for your post-baby body (heck, it’s perfect for your pre-baby body, in our opinion!) and gives you the ease of breastfeeding on the spot. Bring along your comfiest getup from those times and relive the memories of that baby once being inside of you as you leave the hospital - you did it!

Chapstick and lotion:

Labor is, well...laboring. You’re going to be breathing a lot and possibly only given ice chips to get through it - your body is going to feel dry! Chapstick will keep your mouth moisturized, and an unscented lotion will keep you hydrated and give your skin minimal irritation post-birth and pre-skin-to-skin time. Don't forget to take care of your nipples too. Baby will be learning how to nurse, and it's easy for your nipples to become dry and chapped during the process. Pack our Organic Nipple Balm to soothe and hydrate your skin. It's made from 5 simple, organic ingredients so there's no need to wipe it off before feeding.

Extras you actually know you’ll use:

Some folks can flip through cable TV, while others prefer their favorite staples from Netflix (did you know you can download certain shows to your device? Talk about the best planning option ever!) Some folks prefer the comfort and weight of their own pillows and blankets. Others would love to have music playing during the birth process. If there are items you know you’re going to want, bring them! Labor is about bringing a life into the world, but it’s best if you feel you’ve got the support around you that you need. You’ve got this! You’re kicking butt, even if it’s a small, gentle move from the ankle because the thought of lifting your leg for a kick is terrifying.

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