Guest Blogger: Post Delivery Recovery

Guest Blogger: Post Delivery Recovery

Author: Brooke Allington - Baby Cubby

I threw a baby shower for a friend this past week, and without a doubt, the most talked about thing for soon-to-be new mamas is the post delivery recovery. And without a doubt, every mama is dreading the first week when you’re sore, and tired. On top of the whole new baby thing, you’re also dealing with your milk coming in. Ugh.

When your milk comes in, you’re most likely going to be pretty miserable. Considering the fact that your girls are going to be HUMONGOUS, they’re tender to the point of bursting, leaking non-stop, and your babe is still getting the hang of latching. It’s just not a cute situation.

It’s also a painful situation. Almost every mama I know has had trouble nursing their babe, particularly in the first couple of weeks. And while there isn’t much I can do to help them about what’s happening with their body post-pregnancy, there is a product that I recommend to EVERY single mama: bamboobies.

bamboobies pads

Whether or not you decide to breastfeed, you’re dealing with leakage in the first few weeks post delivery and these washable pads are life. changing. You don’t have to worry about annoying spots on your shirt throughout the day/night, because they soak up so much, and are so much more comfortable on the girls than the disposable pads.

Mom using bamboobies pads

Let’s also talk about how freaking annoying it is when you wake up to a screaming child in the middle of the night aaaand your bed is covered in milk. Awesome. The Overnight Pads solve that problem. They’re made from the same organic cotton with an absorbent center, and will keep you dry all night (seriously). In the early days when my milk is first letting down, I wear the overnight pads during the day because I need all the soaking-up power I can get!

Want to be extra kind to the girls? Get yourself some Soothing Therapy Pillows, because they are straight-up pillows. These babies are so cool– you can pop them in the microwave if you’re trying to get your milk to let down (feels amazing when you’re dealing with the demon that is mastitis), or put them in the freezer to use when your kid starts to cut teeth and decides to use them on your nipple.

No matter where you are in your breastfeeding journey, or if you’re just waiting out the initial milk storm post-delivery, bamboobies are essential to keeping your girls happy and healthy. They’re comfortable, absorbent, save you money since you are not having to constantly buy disposables, and they’re discreet. These things are a mama must-have!

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