Three Pregnancy Must Haves For Glowing Skin

Three Pregnancy Must Haves For Glowing Skin

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Okay, mamas, I want to start off this post stating the absolute obvious – you are beautiful! Pregnancy is a time to celebrate the upcoming birth of your new baby. You are probably googling articles day in and day out on how to prevent stretch marks and have glowing skin during your pregnancy. The truth is, stretch marks depend a lot on genetics but there are products that you can use to help drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks and help your skin gain and keep elasticity with organic and proper moisturization. We are partnering with one of our favorite companies, Bamboobies, to bring you Three Pregnancy Must-Haves for Glowing Skin. 

Let’s Get Right To The Problem

We have been encouraging our mamas to love their lines for quite some time now. Believe it or not, if you have one stretch mark or none, it does not take away from the fact that you are carrying life right now. Preventing stretch marks is not just a product choice but is also a lifestyle choice. We encourage you to drink lots of water during your pregnancy to prevent dry skin. You also want to up your consumption in foods rich in omega-3’s, vitamin D, and vitamin C. Oh yea mama…that means you can pig out on berries, kiwi, and oranges. You can also add food items to your diet such as chia seeds, cold-water fish, and grass-fed butter (if you are not vegan). For our vegan moms, stick to avocados, nuts, and bell peppers. Always remember to watch your fruit intake which can also be very high in sugar content.

A Product You Can Use All Over

Now that we have worked from the inside with our diet, let’s focus on what we can use on the outside. Even though your belly is the only thing that stretches during pregnancy, your hips and thighs can be very itchy during this time as well. If you are looking for an all-over solution, check out Bamboobies belly balm, made with 80% natural and organic ingredients. The belly balm encourages the skin’s elasticity and is made with jojoba oil and shea butter.

Don’t let the idea of stretch marks ruin your pregnancy. You got this mama and are looking beautiful every step of the way.

A product must have is Bamboobies stretch mark + scar balm. Made with organic ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil, the stretch mark + scar Balm can be massaged into existing stretch marks and used to prevent stretch marks. Our favorite part? IT IS UNSCENTED. Every mama has a different temperament when it comes to smells during pregnancy. This is a win-win for everyone.

What About Nipples?

This hack can be used during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding. Some of the best pregnancy advice that I received was to prepare your nipples for breastfeeding. The first few weeks take an adjustment, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Your nipples will have a newborn constantly use them for a food source so chafing can happen quickly and become very uncomfortable. Your body is already working to prepare your baby for breastfeeding. This is why your nipples become larger and darker during pregnancy. Who could have guessed it? Bullseye! With larger, darker nipples, your babe knows just where to go when they are hungry.

We know where to go too. Bamboobies carries organic nipple balm that you can use to soothe sore nipples and keep them moisturized. A word of wisdom: if you are experiencing extreme discomfort with breastfeeding that lasts longer than a few days, please go see a lactation consultant. Breastfeeding should not hurt. Once you and baby fall into a gentle flow, your breasts should adjust to breastfeeding. The organic nipple balm is such an important product because while you are breastfeeding, it is directly applied to your nipples, which your baby will be getting his or her source of food and putting their mouth. It's lanolin-free and made with organic ingredients like marshmallow root, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, and beeswax. You can also use it on your body as a moisturizer all over your body or even as a lip balm.

Moral of the story, love the skin your in and do what you can to take care of it inside and out!

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