Making Your Home Safe for Toddlers

Making Your Home Safe for Toddlers

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As your baby slowly morphs into a toddler, there are many ways that your little one can begin to get into mischief. Walking and a more curious nature leads toddlers to explore everything around them and often they get hurt too, as they learn to run, climb, jump and play. It’s so important to make your home safe for toddlers.

bamboobies diaper balm and all-purpose balm to keep babies safe

We all want to protect our babies and toddlers from being exposed to harsh chemicals. That’s why it’s so great that I teamed up with Bamboobies on a collaboration to provide a few tips on making your home safe for your baby or toddler from baby-proofing to products free from harsh chemicals!

My Best Tips for Keeping Your Toddler Safe at Home

There are so many ways to baby-proof a home. However, I believe that you should do the minimum. As this allows your little one to learn what is safe and what isn’t in a controlled environment. Below is a list of things that you should do to make your home safe once your baby becomes mobile.

  • Remove harmful objects from reach  Toddlers have a way of getting into everything. One of the best ways to ensure your little one is safe is to keep dangerous objects out of reach. This includes small items, ones that can be swallowed or become lodged in your little one’s throat. Remove breakable items, items that can be spilled or potentially destroyed by your toddler. Also, be sure to remove things like kitty litter boxes and dog food bowls.
  • Secure doors and drawers  Many times it’s impossible to remove all dangerous objects and it’s easier to just keep your little one away from the danger. Be sure to put up baby gates, and secure cabinet doors and drawers to keep your toddler out of harms way.
  • Block electrical outlets and plugs  Toddlers love to play with electrical cords, so this is important. Add outlet plugs to exposed outlets, and block used outlets and electrical cords with large furniture. Toddlers also have a way of sticking things into outlets out of curiosity. Keeping your little one away from the electrical outlets is essential in keeping them safe.
  • Remove harsh chemicals from your home  Harsh chemicals are found in all of your home from cleaners to skincare products. Be sure to remove all chemical-laden cleaners. Another option would be to replace them with homemade cleaners and all-natural, organic products. Also, take a closer look at your skincare and personal care products. This includes baby products like diaper creams and balms.

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Using Baby-Friendly Products like Bamboobies Natural and Organic All-Purpose Balm and Diaper Balm

They combine smart design and baby-and-mom-friendly ingredients to provide worry-free, effective products that support and empower every mom at every stage of her motherhood journey.

The All-Purpose Balm is used for bug bites, rashes, eczema and dry/irritated skin. The Diaper Balm used to protect skin from moisture and, for rashes and sore spots on the bottom.

Getting rid of those harsh chemicals is so important. If you’re searching for great products, made with organic and natural ingredients, these two products are a wonderful option.

The 411 on Bamboobies All-Purpose Balm

Toddlers have such sensitive skin, so treating any kind of skin irritation from rashes to bumps and bruises can be tricky without the right product. Bamboobies All-Purpose Balm is a great option! It helps soothe the irritation, helping your little one feel better, faster.

bamboobies all-purpose balm on a table

This All-Purpose Balm is made with only natural ingredients, including oatmeal. It’s the perfect option for bug bites and eczema too.

I live in Colorado where we have incredible cold, dry air at high altitude. This leads to dry skin for everyone. My sweet 1yr old toddler ends up with dry spots on her skin. This had helped ease dry spots tremendously, giving her clear, healthy-looking skin.

This All-Purpose Balm has helped ease dry, itchy skin for my 3yr old son as well. He tends to scratch himself because his skin is so dry. We haven’t had any scratching since we started using this balm! I’m so excited to continue using this product year after year, as it’s been so helpful thus far.

The 411 on Bamboobies Diaper Balm

Made with Organic and Natural Ingredients, Bamboobies Diaper Balm is intended to protect sensitive skin from moisture. It will also help soothe skin. Ingredients include olive oil and beeswax, along with plant extracts and shea butter.

This Diaper Balm smells great and did a great job protecting my little one’s bottom. I applied the diaper balm at every diaper change, as recommended. For the time I have used it, there have been no rashes or sore areas.

My daughter has sensitive skin and she breaks out in rashes frequently. Because it works great on sensitive skin, it caused no problems to my toddler’s sensitive areas and has helped tremendously in keeping her skin clear.

Keeping your children safe feels like a full-time job. There are so many things to consider, from securing doors, to getting rid of harsh chemicals. It’s so great that there are companies like Bamboobies that make chemical-free baby products to help keep their skin healthy and safe!

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