Seasonal Favorites for Baby's Arrival: Spring

Seasonal Favorites for Baby's Arrival: Spring

The one sure thing about your baby’s arrival? It’s going to happen during a season! No matter your location or when your little one arrives, you’ll want to be seasonally prepared with the best products for motherhood success! Here is a list of some of our favorites by season:

Spring: When the outdoors become accessible again

  • Yoga brahhh

    • We all know that springtime reminds us that summer’s just around the corner. Use this time to move around comfortably in your post-baby bod. Just as the name suggests, our Yoga Nursing Brahhh is perfect for yoga, pilates, barre, simple stretching, lounging, falling asleep...uh oh.
      But seriously! This bra loves low-impact use and can take you from your local studio to feeding your baby in no time. With drop-down cups and clasps on either side for baby to have easy access, the bra gets you from “ommmm” to “ahhhh” before you can say savasana.

  • A good book

    • We know, we know. Asking you to chill out with a book AND a newborn? We promise we aren’t trying to be unrealistic. We at bamboobies take new mom health very seriously, and self-care is a huge part of that health. Take some time to dive into some words that can take you somewhere else - Paris? The floor of the New York Stock Exchange? Back to your teens? Whatever the location, genre, or theme, allowing yourself to read when the weather can change at the drop of a hat will give your body some much needed rest.
      #momhack - Read your favorite book to baby. They don’t fully understand the words, so read a book that you enjoy. That way, you both get something out of it!

  • Denim jacket

    • Versatility is the name of the game for new moms. The magic of a denim jacket is that it can up the cool factor on even the hoodiest of hoodies that you happen to be wearing and make someone say “where’d you get that?” And sometimes there’s nothing better than looking them in the eye and responding “my second home, Target,” and knowing you’ve created a special bond that only another mama can know. Take your look to the next level of awesome by trying a colored pant or legging to get into the spring spirit.

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