Three Tips for Breastfeeding Success!

Three Tips for Breastfeeding Success!

Three tips for breastfeeding success for you and your baby:

    1. Check your baby’s latch. If there’s pain, something’s not right.

      Check to make sure that your baby is latching right. Remember the saying “nose to chin, bring them in,” note your baby’s mouth taking in most of your areola, use an organic nipple balm to ease soreness, and feel free to stick your small finger in to remove the latch and start over if it hurts.

    2. Leaking is normal - getting nursing pads will help.

      Seriously. Leaking is a great sign that your body is producing food for your baby - how awesome is that? Unfortunately, leaking through shirts is not so great. Get your hands on our nursing pads with a milk-proof outer layer that prevents milk from going through your clothing and a unique heart-shaped design to dart around the breast, preventing visible lines.

    3. Plan ahead to make nursing in public easer.

      Wear a nursing top or bra to make feeding quick when out in public. If you’re seeking a bit more coverage, wear a chic nursing shawl and watch any park bench, restaurant seat, or coffee shop table become a private nursing spot!


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