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      Baby Care

      Baby Care

      You know best how to soothe your baby – just the right sequence of rocking, cuddling, and feeding them. But when it comes to keeping baby’s skin (and bottom) happy, you might need a bit of support. Bamboobies is right there with you to deliver soothing creams, balms, and sprays to ensure your little one is happy and healthy.

      Whether you’re looking for a cream that soothes without added fragrances, or a quick and easy spray to keep your squirmy baby’s skin dry, you can trust our diaper care products.

      Our diaper care products are carefully crafted to be gentle and made with natural or organic ingredients to comfort your baby’s sensitive skin. Our creams and sprays come in easy, travel-ready containers, meaning you can use it at home and on the go.

      Who knew diaper care products would become so important to you? We know there are a lot of important choices to make when you’re picking for your baby, especially when it comes to caring for their delicate and sensitive skin. Made from natural and organic ingredients, we take pride in our diaper rash cream, which is made specifically for soothing and comforting when your little one needs it the most. Sealing away wetness and helping with other imbalances, you can rest easy knowing your baby’s bottom is taken care of.

      Baby’s skin needs some attention, too, not just their bottoms. Making sure we continue to use only natural ingredients, our all-purpose balm helps soothe irritated skin with an oatmeal blend, making sure your little one is happy and comfortable. The best part? It may be designed for baby, but the whole family can use this soothing cream – win-win right?

      Diaper changes turning into a battle? No sweat, we’ve got a diaper rash spray for that. An easy, no-rub formula comes in a convenient spray bottle. Treat and prevent rashes, all while getting your little one fresh and clean with ease. Did we mention it’s also made with natural ingredients?

      At every turn, we’re here to help with the right products and a little peace of mind. Consider us the diaper care solution you’ve been looking for.