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      Breastfeeding Care

      Breastfeeding Care

      Taking care of yourself becomes more important than ever when you’re postpartum and taking care of your little one. Between late night feedings and bonding with baby, breastfeeding care is essential to be more comfortable as you adjust to newborn nursing. You need soothing solutions that offer relief and give you confidence. From nipple creams to pumping lubricants and everything in-between, our breastfeeding care products have your back.

      New to this mom life and not sure what breastfeeding care products you need to start? Our breastfeeding starter kit has everything you (or a new mom you’re shopping for) needs to confidently get started on this journey. Including our super-soft washable nursing pads, disposable pads for on-the-go, and overnight washable pads, they help protect from milk leaks anytime you need it. Don’t forget the soothing nipple balm, made from organic ingredients, and the wet/dry bag for storing pads when you’re out and about!

      Breastfeeding care can come in a variety of forms, from making sure you’re using nipple cream on your sensitive and cracked skin, to using the softest leak protection you can find like our super-soft washable nursing pads. Designed by moms, for moms, we know finding the right products to make breastfeeding comfortable for both you and baby can be a little overwhelming. It’s why we’ve designed our products to include natural or organic ingredients and super-soft fabrics made from renewable bamboo that moms can’t stop raving about.

      Our organic nipple balm is one moms choose over and over again – even the experts recommend it! Made from plant-based ingredients, it keeps you comfortable when you’re breastfeeding, offering soothing relief when you need it the most. And, if you need more relief, there are also the soothing therapy pillows. Our therapy pillows also have super-soft fabric made from bamboo with natural flaxseed that can be used for cool or warm relief to help with common breastfeeding issues.

      For days when you need to pump, don’t forget some of our organic pumping lubricant to keep handy when you need it the most. Made with simple ingredients, our pumping lubricant helps reduce friction and make pumping more comfortable.

      When it comes to making breastfeeding care simple and easy, Bamboobies has you covered.