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      Breastfeeding Essentials

      Breastfeeding Essentials

      At Bamboobies, we want to ensure all moms are setup for success on their breastfeeding journey. Here you’ll find all the breastfeeding essentials you need to feel supported and comfortable through what can be a challenging time for a lot of moms. From our top-rated apparel, including mom-favorite nursing bras, to creams that help soothe, to our bestselling washable nursing pads that helped launch Bamboobies, everything below helps you confidently get ready to nurse.

      Not sure what breastfeeding essentials you’ll need when baby arrives? Our breastfeeding starter kit is a great product to start with. The kit includes everything a new mom needs to confidently get started on her breastfeeding journey: our super-soft washable nursing pads, disposable pads for on-the-go and overnight pads to help protect from leaking anytime you need it. Don’t forget the soothing nipple cream, made from organic ingredients, and the wet/dry bag for storing pads when you’re out and about!

      Made from super-soft fabric made from bamboo, we could go on and on about how much moms love our nursing pads and comfortable nursing bras and nursing tanks. They make getting baby fed easy, all while ensuring that you’re keeping yourself cared for as well. No one needs discomfort or stress while they’re bonding with their baby. Have we mentioned our versatile nursing covers? Wrap yourself in it while you’re out, or toss over your baby carrier when you’re going in and out. It’s also an excellent cover to nurse when you’re out and about with baby.

      Relief from discomfort comes in many forms, from our super-soft nursing pads to organic nipple and pumping balm to help soothe sensitive skin when you need it the most. Don’t forget to grab a washable laundry bag for your nursing pads or pick up our little black wet bagto store nursing pads for when you are on the go.

      Breastfeeding can seem daunting, we know. But we’re here to make sure you have everything you need to be set for success. There’s nothing more important than making sure you and baby are comfortable, with all the breastfeeding essentials that you need to embark on this journey.