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      Pregnancy & Postpartum

      Pregnancy & Postpartum

      From bump to babe, your comfort and care remains at the top of our list. Bamboobies is there during pregnancy with our pregnancy essentials, and continues to support you when you bring your new little bundle of joy home. Our postpartum products help provide you the support to make your new life as a mom easier. That includes physical comfort as well as your emotional well-being!

      Pregnancy is an exciting time, but can come with some unpleasant symptoms such as morning sickness and heartburn, our pregnancy products like drink mixes and teas can help provide some much needed relief. Don’t forget to take care of your skin with hydrating belly balm that helps encourage your skin’s natural elasticity and soothes your growing baby bump.

      There are a few postpartum essentials that are a must as you adjust to life with baby from soothing organic nipple cream to relaxing lactation support teas, and so much more! Like everything we make, our products use natural or organic ingredients, helping you feel your best without any unnecessary additives.

      Motherhood is far more than just pregnancy and the addition of your new little one to your life. You may find yourself with a million things to do to care for this new baby, but you can’t forget to also care for yourself. There may not be a smooth transition into this new adventure, but we can help make it a little less bumpy.

      Sip and soothe with a variety of drink mixes and organic teas that help with your transition from pregnancy to postpartum. Support your unique needs from lactation support to energy boost with postpartum products that are comforting and use simple, effective, ingredients. 

      While you’re healing in postpartum, don’t forget to pamper your healing skin with our stretch mark and scar balm. This travel-sized jar means you can keep it wherever you go, allowing you to pause in your day to make sure you’re taking care to soothe and self-care throughout the day. Organic and natural ingredients make this a favorite plus it smells delightful with chamomile and lavender. 

      Seeking a way to make breastfeeding more comfortable? Look no further than our organic nipple balm, which is a top choice for moms to soothe their sensitive skin! Our nipple cream is made from only organic ingredients and can be applied after nursing or as needed to ensure your comfort. Safe for baby, soothing for mom, it’s truly the best of both worlds.